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PDCA has once again moved forward for the benefit of its members!  PDCA allows testing at any accredited lab and will accept results, so members have options and can use SNPs or microsatellites from various labs for parentage information, color, PHA, chondrodysplasia, A2 (re milk), and performance traits in which breeders may be interested.  This continues to be the case.
The Veterinary Genetics Lab (VGL) at University of California-Davis (UCD), for one, is a world-class lab in genetics testing.  In the past it has been possible for PDCA members to send samples to and order tests from VGL at UCD under their personal names, for which they were billed at the usual VGL rate.  NEWS:  PDCA has now entered into an agreement with VGL meaning that we will now be billed at a reduced rate for all our testing that follows the guidelines for “PDCA affiliation”!  Individual members can order tests online in a personalized “MyVGL” and pay by credit card or by sending a check with a printout of the forms and the samples.  Be sure to note that the page must refer to a “PDCA affiliation” for this benefit (see instructions).  Results will be sent only to the member who orders.  The member must then forward results THEMSELVES to the registrar in order to have them available for a “Certified Registration” or other need, if they so choose. 
The prices are these:
a)Genotype markers/parentage verification:  $25
b)For the following tests, the first test is $20 and the rest ORDERED IN THE SAME SERVICE ORDER AND SAMPLE are $10 each:
  • Homozygous polled,
  • red (MC1R extension),
  • Dexter dun,
  • chondrodysplasia,
  • Dexter PHA.
c)A2/A1 test (for which UCD will send info to the originators of the test): $20.
Using a computer (if you don’t have one at home, most libraries have them for patrons’ use), you can order your tests, following these instructions that are direct from UCD.

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