I see Igenity testing listed here but I do not see anywhere on here the info about how a person can very easily test at UCDavis for all the things tested anywhere, and you can do so through the PDCA plan. You just set up "My VGL" affiliating with PDCA, thus giving PDCA credit for that service to the UCD customer. The advantages of UCD are that your results can be consulted anytime online through your own personal "My VGL" and that having your results there allows UCD to compare parentage tests with other animals on file there when requested, in case you sell to someone who wants to do that.

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Of course test results aren't shared without a whole procedure of permission, but it is still easier when markers are the same across various animals and when everything is in one place. There are advantages to testing at GeneSeek too, and I'm glad PDCA accepts results from various labs. But I very much like the ease of accessing UCD results online.



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