Too many mouths, too much mud, not enough feed.  10 cows bred to calve in March for sale.  8 Purebred registered/registerable Dexters, two Crossbreed (Angus/Dexter).  Price range $350--$1000.  10% off for 5 or more, 15% off for 10.  Singing Springs Farm, Elkton, OR  541-584-2550

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This was a very effective way to move a bunch of animals.  Thank you to all.  We have sold all the purebred Dexter cows for now.  We still have 2 Dexter-Angus crosses, as well as yearling bulls and yearling steers for sale. Again, thank you to all who made this happen.  Andy & Donna, Singing Springs Farm, Elkton, OR

HI, I would be interested in knowing what you have in red purebred registered/or registerable cows; especially if they have a red calf at side.  Please advise what you have and what pricing is.  Thank you.  Debi King

Oops, I replied before reading further into the thread .... see you sold them.  If anyone else in Oregon has red heifers or cows they want to sell, I would like to talk with you about them.  Email me at    Thanks.



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