Good news members! PDCA is very close to getting an online registration system up and running.

Finally! The PDCA Board has been pushing hard to get an online system worked out so that registrations, transfers, new members and membership renewals can be completed, and paid for online. This has been a difficult project to complete for the registrations as there are so many variables that must mesh together properly in order to track accurately and post to the online pedigree search engine that we all depend on. It must be completely accurate as far as how the system interacts with the data given. PDCA Area 7 Manager  Kent Brooks has been diligently working on this for a long time now, and he is confident that we are down to the nitty gritty details and that the main functionality is done and ready. Sure, he expects there to be some kinks early on, but the hope is to have the system up and running by the AGM in May.

This is great news for those of us, like me, who want our registrations done quickly. We will even be able to print our registration certificates from our own printers. I cannot wait! You can do this Kent!!

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How about we all (well, as many as can) make a major effort to get to the AGM and show support for our association!?! I hope that current Area Managers would be glad to see that we as members are alive and care! Maybe we would even have a chance to participate in decision-making if they thought more than just one of us wanted to be helpful...come on, fellow-members, let's meet up there! It was a nice venue last year. Ohio Valley Breeders are a warm and open group, and you would be able to have a little vacation visiting with fellow Dexter breeders in a nice atmosphere. I plan/hope to be there again with my tent--see you there? Coming up soon...make your plans!

This is great!  Being able to do membership renewal, registration and transfers on line is going to be extremely helpful, 

I Love the new look of the home site. Please post as the date the online reg. has started. Home site says by May, but I don't see it yet.

Can't wait.  Jimmie  Moon Over the Mojave Dexters

Hi Jimmie. yes, there is a group of us that are "test driving" the new online registration system. our developer is trying to implement all the suggestions. We are trying so hard to get this up and running. it shouod make registering so simple. YAY!

Hang in there. I think we are getting very close to opening it up to the entire membership.

Hi, So I am a little confused. Back in May an "online registration" option appeared on my PDCA members area, so I registered my calf there and paid the fee. I've since sold the calf and am waiting to get the certificate so I can transfer her to the new owner. With it being 2 1/2 months since I registered and paid we are getting a little worried about making sure things are actually going to go through, especially with the recent post here saying it is just being trialed? Can someone confirm my money and application was actually received? Thanks!



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