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As many of you know the current web site has some shortcomings. We have been evaluating options for a while  I have made a couple changes to allow us to do a better job of distributing content.  The web site will now consist of 3 parts.

1) The main web site will be moved to a platform that will make it easier to create a professional look and distribute forms and other resources. .  This is ready to go as you will see in the link below.


When in the community forum you can also lick on main site link on the left hand side to return to the main site.  Forms and such have been moved to the new site. 

2) The existing site will be maintained as a Dexter Breeder online social forum.  I was successful in exporting existing members to the new format mentioned above in item 1 but cannot  easily maintain a level of privacy that makes me comfortable. 

Again the current web site will be retained as a private community forum where members can continue to upload photos, create groups, become each other’s friends, send Direct Messages (DM), have detailed profiles, and have a real identify on the site.  To access this site you will simply click on Community Forum on the main menu.

Since that time approximately 750 people have become members and set up a profile to one degree or another.  As this is a moderated social network we have also denied or removed membership to over 500 spammers.

Also, since that time 660 amazing photos of Dexter Cattle have been upload, an active forum is present with members interacting and asking questions.  

3) Continuing  work on redoing the registry site with the goal of integrating with the main site listed in item 1

Items 1 & 2 are done while 3 still faces some challenges.  Will update as we have more info.

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