Hi, I am going to have to AI several shorties. I need semen from a bull that fits these specs.

A2/A2.....must have homozygous A2.....

Black and Horned.....Red/Dun okay if all other specs met.....

Chondro Neg...PHA neg....

Short.....Under 42"- 44" at three years.....

NO Lucifer or Platinum in pedigree.... NO polled......

We are breeding for dual purpose, meat/milk. I realize that there will be compromises initially. We are looking for typey, traditional Woodmagic look with A2/A2 a must. There are several good candidates out there who do not post A2 status. Microcosm ADCA# 022383  is a possible, but I cannot find his A2 status. I thought some of you might know of a collected bull that is not on the general lists.


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Mike, contact Judy at Legacy.  she is a great help when it comes to finding a specific line or qualifications that you are looking for in a Dexter.  Ask Judy about Mike in Iowa.  He is preserving a specific line of Dexters and might be able to help you also.  

Good luck and best wishes!!

Maple View Farm

THANKS for the leads......

Judy helped a lot. I was going to use Ace of Clovebrook....but then got the heads up on a collected bull in Florida.....Armstrong of Paradise. He is a lot shorter bull, but still Chondro free. He, and his kin look a lot like my cattle. Best, he is A2/A2. I am going to try an pull together a broad genetic pool from available older lines. We have no "show" inclinations. We would like a dual purpose, moderately small, durable herd. We are milking a 37" shorty now that yields 2 gal/day. We purchased her, already  bred to a short bull...and had a bulldog calf for our first calving experience.

I will contact Mike o check his genetics.

By the way....Microcosm is A1/A1.

THANKS again..............Mike

Hi Mike ( Gorginak) ,  funny how all us Dexter people are on different places on the computer.  I am so glad  everything worked out for you.  My hubby was Rob who called you guys.  I hope he gave good info.  

The Mike in Iowa I was telling you about in my first reply to you is also trying to preserve the old lines.  He is going to focus on the Colorado lines.  Judy can give you his info.  I PM'd him for a while and he is very nice.  

Armstrong of Paradise is out of Genebo's herd.  Did you know that?  I like the Dexters he has and he has the old lines too.  

Don't give up on PDCA.  I have all my girls registered here and on Adca and working on all of them being on Legacy also.  Adca is going to have alot of changes happening after the AGM so just hang on for the ride!!!  I had a buyer contact us wanting a Legacy registered animal only.  But the funny thing is, this PDCA site is how alot of people find us and get in touch with us.  They have been very supportive of the newly formed Dexter group in our area (OVDBA) and allowed us to put our show and meeting notices on the web.  Legacy has helped advertise for the group and also donated free genotypes to raffle off at the meetings.  Nothing is perfect that has people involved in it.

Let us know who you use to breed with.  If you use one of the older lines, there are people out there specifically looking for them.  Also, people are looking for milking Dexters trained and ready to go.  Have your family train and sell trained milk cows that way I have a good farm to send customers too.  A month back I was getting calls on a weekly basis people wanting a trained milk cow. 

Take care

Maple View Farm

You have me taking a second look at dual registration. Does the PDCA have a "discussion" forum/blog other than this to correspond with other PDCA members?? It really needs to have a topic list to associate with posts. Ideas and replies get lost too fast in this linear format.

The problem I am having with the PDCA is that it seems that I need a second name/password to us and access features like the classified section. I have emailed three times requesting information with no reply.

By the way....to whomever is reading this, the McCrea's are about as good "neighbors" as one could have. Rob called us .....on our cell phone.....in one corner of the pasture....with my daughter elbow deep in a first calf heifer that had a stuck bulldog calf....and gave her all the counseling, advice, and support that you can imagine.

We intend to accumulate genetics from as many old lines as possible before narrowing our focus and breeding within the herd. We will be training home milk cows, and I would love to discuss that with folks. Armstrong is a duplicate of our cows...and his sire is a mirror image of our bull, OZ. His genetics are completely different from ours, and there are none of the "upgrade" lines in either pedigrees.

Don't get me wrong folks....the udders on Lucifer's progeny are incredible. In my mountaintop, rugged, brushy situation, I need a more "classic" configuration.....tight, high, and durable. 2 - 2.5 Gallons a day is fine with me.


This is our current genetics

Again....."thanks neighbor", you guys have been a great help.

Totally Agree!!  I think if they would get someone to streamline the web site and someone to respond in a timely manor that would really help the association.  I did see on their last meeting minutes that they need people to take an active role in the different committees.  Without people willing to help, organizations do not function.  I know that with the OVDBA, we have a great nest egg of people on fire to jump in and get this thing going.  It is needed in our area badly.  There are so many needs and that is our goal is to help breeders, buyers etc, to get the connections they need, test, register etc.....

I would love to help with the web site here but I really don't have great computer skills.

I agree.  A thread format would be perfect here.

If you go to the top of the home page it says MY PAGE.  Click on that and set up a page for your farm.  You are basicly making a blog for your farm.  Put your links for your farm, Dexters, furniture etc.  Whenever you update it, (I'm pretty sure) it will show up on the left hand side of the PDCA home page.

The one thing I noticed about this web site form is that you have to chit chat often or it does get lost.  Like I need to post again about our next OVDBA meeting so it is on the Home page again for people to see. I think they got rid of some features on this site so it's not as nice as it used to be.  Maybe someone will chime in to help.

One more thing,  a friend in OVDBA has a bull and his offspring with really old bloodlines.  Might want to check him out.  They have a bull calf for sale right now out of him. Morning Star Houdini  #205589 (PDCA), #027085 (ADCA)  and I think he is Legacy too.  A2/A2, chondro and PHA negative, black and horned.

Let me know when you get the trained milk cows.  It is really popular here and there just is now supply and a HIGH demand.

Hope you aren't getting that accumulating ice.  Yikes!

Maple View Farm

Mike, I'm the guy we discussed trading bulls last year. I have a young bull (Virinda Farms Tarbh ADCA# 029752) that I got from Missouri last fall. He'll be a year old in June. I'm gonna use him on my cows this summer. He's black, horned, PHA & Chondro negative, and A2/A2 by obligate. Look at his pedigree and see if you'd be interested. Maybe we could do a temp swap next year or a heifer swap down the road. Hope you have a better year for rain this year than you had last year. I still want to come and visit you sometime. Good luck on your AI endeavor. Larry Haggard

P.S. He's also PDCA registered, just not showing up on the on-line pedigree as yet. Larry H.



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