It is taking to long (four months or more) to get registration papers returned.  This is unacceptable, it should only take 30 days at the most.  If the secretary needs help then split up the job or find someone else to do it..  We need management feed back,  we need to know that someone is running PDCA and that they know what they are doing....I guess I will see if anyone answers this posting or not, then we will know if we have any management out there....Plus if we do, you should post your contact information on here so people can get a hold of you when they need to.....

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I agree. Did you hear from anyone yet?

Debbie Vareldzis

Onyro Ranch

Hi Debbie,

I haven't received any feed back from the PDCA Community Forum, but I personally email every area director, the president and vice president and received one response.  It was from area 3, Mr. Shaw.   I forward him information I received from other members that have been waiting for 4 months to receive there transfer papers and he said he would take care of it.   I joined last June and it took me that long to get my papers too.   I emailed Rosemary every month to find out what the problem was (she was busy with regular work, farm, etc...).  I emailed a lot of people in my area and found that this is common plus some had left PDCA over two years ago and are still receiving letters and Journals.  

I will help anyone that I can, that is why I started welcoming all new people to the PDCA Community Forum, so if they need some help they know someone is willing to talk and try to help them.  

Hi. Could you, J.M. & D.D., send me an email to my address at ? I would like to email you and perhaps carry your request to Rosemary if I drive down there in about a week. I just do not know how to operate well on these social sites and do not even know how to find your contact information from your initials. I am SA Walkup, Gladhour Farm. I want to help, and have believed PDCA to show breeder-friendly and innovative ideas in the past. I do not want it to die.

Hi JM & D.D.

i am the new regional director for PDCA out west. in fact i just got off my first phone conference with the PDCA board. yes they actually do exist, yes they are overburdened. so to clarify what is taking so long to get registrations back... technology. yep, the thing that should make things automated and quick, those online registration forms that were designed to make registereing almost automatic...glitchy. and ya do not know you have a glitch until after it glitches. and glitches means ERRORS. so now all those online regijstrations have to be checked for 100 % accuracy. So we, i do mean we, because i have registrations that i am still waiting for as well, can either have quick or accurate registrations until the glitch is corrected. now you might ask how; hard can it be to get the glitch unglitched? well that particular form comes from a company in India. Have you ever tried to get something fixed over the phone to someone in India? getting the frustration here? so please be patient and kind. the hold up is not intentional and very sorry that you feel you have not been heard. if you have expertise in this sort of software coding, please let us know. volunteers are always welcome. and thanks for posting here. you are not alone.

So you are Area 2, or Area 7? When did that election happen? It is hard being a mere member and not seeing a central place for information to come IN. I really like the Journal, and read and re-read it typically. But the latest I received, I believe, was Fall 2015. I don't believe there was info about an election in it. PDCA, billed as "member-driven," has area managers. I am not very comfortable with this site (admittedly that is due to my own limitations regarding more "social-media"-type sites) and consider it "sprawling" and hard to find info, but was there mention of an election on this site?

Area 2. and i agree with you that the current pdca site needs an update and makeover. it is done on a blog platform rather than a website platform which has a bit of good amd bad aspects. but its better than no website.  i have volunteered to help Kent with that. so you should soon see a layout more user friendly and pleasing to look at. i was a graphic designer in a former life. as far as election... our director in 2 has many irons in the fire and could not devote much time to pdca, so i asked to take his place - there is that volnteer word again - you will be able to read my 'story' in upcoming newsletter due out soon. PDCA board has an amazing amount of experience and seems very receptive and even appreciative of fresh ideas and especially when it comes with someone willing to actually ' Do ' something helpful and not just suggest something helpful. not to be disrespectful here, but i am 99% sure i am the youngest on the board, and i am o spring chicken myself at 53. technolgy changing as fast as it does, keeping current as far as social media and online presence is really really challenging. a 15 YO could easily manage this as it is second nature to them growing up with this. someone pushing 70 and beyond... not so much. it is clear to me that the younger folks in the membership need to start taking the reins a bit and eventually relieve the current board memebers so they can just enjoy the fruits of their labor. as far as member - driven... i am a member, i have offered to take the wheel, at least in region 2, so i guess we can call that driving. please copy and repeat in your area or area of expertise. the pdca will only be as good as it's members are willing to make it.  IMO if anything about PDCA is lacking, website, journal, rsgistration, whatever, is lacking, it is because of lack of assistance by the members.  i sense no reluctance to change on the part of the board. so please... pitch in, and ask others with pertinent skill sets and a passion for Dexters to do the same. you know what they say, " together we can do great things."

Yes, that was my thought in 2004 and I volunteered then and have since. My "past life" was teaching English, and I have a few other areas of -sort of advanced- training. I will look you up and call you, Laura. I am not comfortable with 1-finger typing, when it would be SOOOO much easier to have a back-and-forth conversation.
Also, I don't hate the site. Having a forum is a good piece, but I'd like a more centralized and formal place to FIND major information that is authoritative. For example, I posted the information about genetic testing at UC Davis (under the authorization of head of Genetics Committee, Roger Shaw). I can no longer find that on this site. We in PDCA DO have reduced-price testing there, just like the other Dexter registries. You go to the UCD site, set up your own MyVGL, and input "PDCA" as the code for your account. The lab sends you an email of your test results (if that is how you set it up) and you have permanent online access to your results too. Very convenient. Contact me individually if you would like me to walk you through it. I have tested at UC Davis, GeneSeek, Igenity, BovaCan, ImmGen, and I think TAMU, so I have some experience if you need someone to talk with.

While Laura may have received this information, I believe it to be incorrect.  No India.  Form works (I used it within the last two weeks and received word from the registrar that it was received).  Notifications for online transactions are sent to the registrar automatically.  Knowing the carefulness of our registrar, I believe there is a backup in place so that she can receive the notifications a different way as well, or can view them when she logs in to check things.  The registrar does perhaps check everything manually even after it has been automated.  As I said, our registrar is careful.  While double-checking is sometimes a good thing, it perhaps delays the works.  This is perhaps due to a lack of trust in the intelligence, carefulness, etc of the members, and I'm sure that is sometimes warranted.  Perhaps we could help her by double-checking ourselves.  But I doubt that will suffice to instill that trust.  It might help. 



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