I have enjoyed my Dexters since 2000, but for age and health reasons, I need to reduce my herd.  I have all types of Dexters.  I have a Legacy bull who can be weaned soon and is for sale: Dam is PDCA 207766; Sire is ADCA 019101 and Legacy L00608LH-07HH.  I have a traditional bull  out of ADCA 10680 and the same Legacy bull.  Both these young bulls are black, may carry dun.  I have a very good looking dun fall bull calf out of the same sire, and a number of red polled bull calves out of a different sire.  And those are just a few of the youngest group ready to begin to sell.  I also have cows and older heifers for sale.  Please contact me if you have interest and ability to pick up in North Missouri or transport from here.  Contact me via email info[at]gladhourfarm.com, or by phone [number can be found on my website www.gladhourfarm.com contact page]. 

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Still have many Dexters I should sell. Both males and females. PHA-free, chondro-free (except for a chondro-carrier steer I wanted to sell for a show steer)--have about 3 chondro-carrier females (in a herd of about 60) and they are not really ones I want to sell, but I otherwise have most categories you might want, many tested with info you might want. Contact me by phone or email; see contact page of my website at gladhourfarm.com. While I need to cut back, and therefore am pricing somewhat lower than mid-market, please realize that the most sought red, polled, A2A2 heifers/bulls are not going to be dirt cheap. But I do have some such heifers and bulls born fall 2016. Fall 2016 Legacy bull calf available too. A few bull calves which combine heavily Woodmagic Legacy line and extremely nice modern Llanfair's Mulligan line (two are polled), so if such combination meets your needs please contact me before I wean these boys for a good deal and so I can halter-train for you if you want that. (Need deposit or promise by around April 14 for starting the halter-training.) Heifers can be put off a bit longer as they are not gathered yet.



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