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PDCA welcomes Bob Curlee from Grass Valley, CA as the new Area Manager for Region 2. His contact info is available on the About Us page.


PDCA welcomes Deb Botruff from Holly Springs, MS as the new Area Manager for Region 4. Her contact info is available on the About Us page.

Region 3

We are still seeking an Area Manager for this region
IL, IA, MN, NE, SD, WI, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan


After polling members with Certified registered animals, the Board voted to change Certified registration criteria from
1. Genotyped

2. PHA negative

3. Chondro negative


1. Genotyped

2. PHA status proven

3. Chondro status proven

New criteria will take effect January 1, 2018


Late Registration Fees
The PDCA Board voted to change the "late registration fee" policy.

Previously, the fee to register cows over 1yo and bulls over 2yo was $40 which was basically doubling the cost of registration. Perhaps the original intent of this additional fee was to encourage folks not to wait too long to get an animal registered, but there are many reasons one might need to hold off registering an animal until they are a bit older.

Effective immediately:

Fee to register a cow or bull over 3yo will be $40, but will be reduced to $20 if Sire and Dam qualified.


If you are a current PDCA member, you should have received the Fall issue of The Dexter Cattle Journal.

The Dexter Cattle Journal is pleased to have Patrice Lewis  join the production team as the new Copy Manager. Patrice is a talented professional writer, had been widely published, writes an entertaining online blog @ Rural-Revolution.com, and is a long time Dexter breeder. The tag line from her website captures her perfectly: "In-your-face stuff from an opinionated rural north Idaho housewife." 


A group of breeders in northern California are starting a regional club for breeders near the Sierras - CA, NV, OR, AZ.  It will be association neutral, with an emphasis on learning, sharing and helping. Farm tours and cattle workshops are being planned for 2018.

Learn more


Very sorry to those that had registrations and transfers caught in the online database conversion "traffic jam."

Our developer took longer than estimated to complete the project, then we added some improvements to the registration certificates, which added a little more time, but  by Monday Dec 4th all outstanding transactions should be processed and available to view online and certificates in the mail. Whew!

Now, finally, we can expect registrations processed in 10 days or less. Woohoo!!

If your registration or transfer does not show in the online database ( pdca-pedigree.org ) by Monday, Dec 4th, please contact us PDCANOW@gmail.com

Thank you for your patience.



PDCA is excited to introduce our newly redesigned  registration certificates. In addition to the information that has always been included, the new ones will also include (if provided): Chondo and PHA status, whether animal is genotyped, sire verified, dam verified.

Also included (if provided) are ADCA and Legacy registration numbers for each animal in the pedigree.


Rethinking the Certified registration criteria 

Membership feedback wanted

Go to the Poll



Well... the biggest update is obvious - our new website, with online forms is up and running.


Hang in there if all is not 100% as we are still tweeking and adding new content and transferring old content from the old website. We have some great online tools in the works, but we are prioritizing our memberships, registrations and transfers first and bells and whistles after.


The online database which processes our memberships, registrations and transfers is functioning, but unfortunately, it is not view-able online yet - but it's very close. Hang in there with us.


If you have completed any online form, you should have received a notification confirmation email to assure you that we have received your submission and are processing it.


Please contact us at PDCANOW@gmail.com if you have any issues with the forms, or downloads, or links, or whatever so we can improve them or fix a problem.


PDCA welcomes Gordon Graham from Carlisle, IA as the new Area Manager for Region 3. His contact info is available on the About Us page.

Area Manger replacements for regions 2 and 4 are still pending.


Current PDCA members should have received your fall issue of The Dexter Cattle Journal. If you did not, and believe there is an error, please contact us PDCANOW@gmail.com

Remember: We work for you. We will keep you posted.
Questions or comments can be sent to PDCANOW@gmail.com

August 16, 2017

PDCA welcomes Edlyn Muir as our new Registrar,

and Sharone Fischer as Area Manager Region 7

The summer issue of The Dexter Cattle Journal

is at the printer and should be arriving in your mailbox soon.

Due to transition "issues", please contact us if you do not receive this issue.


PDCA is making some big changes, and we are EXCITED!

We are looking for three individuals to serve Dexter breeders regionally as Area Managers. Criteria:

  1. Loves their Dexters
  2. Has fresh ideas
  3. Hates politics
  4. Enjoys helping others
  5. Lives in:

    Region 2 (AZ, CA, HI, NV, UT)
    Region 3 (IL, IO, MN, NE, ND, SD, WI, Manitoba, Ontario, Sascatchewan)
    Region 4 (AL, FL, GA, MS, NC, SC, TN)


Join us and be a part of the exciting improvements to come.

Don't wait... contact us now goPDCA@gmail.com

We work for you. We will keep you posted.
Questions or comments can be sent to




Election results for July 1st Executive Officer elections

President - Laura Christofk

Vice President - Donna Semas

New executive appointees:

Treasurer - Jeff Reusser

Secretary - Larry Haggard

  • PDCA will soon have a much quicker processing turn around time.
    Our online registry database is scheduled to launch around September 15, 2017.
  • PDCA is happy to announce it is contracting with a professional Registry Service to process our standard registrations, transfers and memberships.

    We will continue to have an Official Registrar for oversight and advisory purposes, who is both experienced with Dexters and our registration procedures to ensure the accuracy and integrity of our registry.

    What this means for you.... come September 15th, expect registrations processed in 10 days or less. Rush orders welcomed.
  • Updated forms will replace the existing forms within a few days, but please make sure if you are using an OLD form to mail to NEW address.
  • PDCA is also close to launching a new and improved website.
    We have several great new online user tools in development that will make owning, registering and selling Dexters super easy! Plus so much more!!
  • The summer issue of The Journal is in production and should be in your mailbox by mid August. It has an exciting new format that we hope you will enjoy.
  • If you did not notice the new PDCA address and contact info, take note.
  • We are seeking 3 individuals to serve as Area Managers for Regions 2, 3, 4
    Contact us for more info


Bull for sale or trade in Central California

This bull really gets his work done and is right on the breed standard. A really nice (personality) bull A2N, non Chondro, non PHA. He's almost 4 years old and I would trade him for a cow or heifer or sell him. I have another bull already.Continue

Started by Jeff Horton Oct 28.

Welcome new officers 2017

Updating my page, adding new pictures of my herd, great discussions, wonderful website, looking forward to online registrations. Wonderful!Continue

Started by Jimmie J. Bauer Jul 29.

Reply to Laura's text on Bull share forum

Hi Laura, I will have to turn to my wife for that info, she keeps all the records :) His name is hotshot, and he was kinda ugly when he was young but has grown into a nice bull. He is one of the bulls we are looking to swap with someone out of need…Continue

Started by Tom and Sue Craig Jul 25.

Bull sharing request 1 Reply

We have 2 bulls we need to replace and add new blood to our dexter heard. I put adds on Craigslistbut no positive response. What are breeders doing with there bulls after they have used them? We understand there are a few Dexter Bull sharing groups…Continue

Started by Tom and Sue Craig. Last reply by Laura Christofk Jul 24.

New Elections 1 Reply

Am I the only one who finds it odd that the return ballots are to be sent to one of the people running for office?  Why would that person allow themselves to be placed in a potentially ethically compromised position?  The lack of foresight here is…Continue

Started by William B. Yockey. Last reply by Andy Smith/ Donna Semas Jul 15.

Need a bull to breed my Jojo 4 Replies

HELP!! I have been looking for a bull in or near the Southern Ohio area to breed my Jojo. I am only wanting as I want to milk her next year. She birthed a nice bull calf this year. Can anyone help me out. I thought of AI but don't really want to go…Continue

Started by V Joanne Heyob. Last reply by Laura E. Scott May 9.



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Bull for sale or trade in Central California

This bull really gets his work done and is right on the breed standard. A really nice (personality) bull A2N, non Chondro, non PHA. He's almost 4 years old and I would trade him for a cow or heifer or sell him. I have another bull already.See More
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Hi, Welcome to the new PDCA Web Site.  To access all of the features this site can offer you must sign up for a members account.  This will give you the opportunity to post photos of your livestock and participate in other features which may be available in the future.

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